26 skills in retails leads to win!

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26 skills in retails leads to win!

1)Retail is change.
Retail is change, and change is absolute, unchanging is relative. With economic development and retail development, and appropriate adjustments should be "Times", including formats, commodity structure, organizational structure, etc., only to change the retail development, or can only be market competition and waves overturned.
2)Retail is convenient
The retail sector is to provide maximum convenience for consumers. This convenience should be reflected in every corner of the mall and into all the details, from the valet gift wrapping, free hosting, the baby stroller, quietly among businesses with the times. Now you go shopping, not only experience with this ubiquitous business services, but also appreciate the convenient, fast, comfortable and modern humanistic care, small automatic shoe polisher, mobile phone charging station, smoking room, large membership clubs , customer service Center, you can say that consumers are increasingly able to find the feeling of God in the mall.
3)Retail is service
The retail sector is to provide consumers with a full range of services. In a sense, the retail is service, service to create value, service work management in place, but the corporate image-building, the value of intangible assets. "Customers are our god", "Customer satisfaction is our permanent pursuit", "the customer is always right" These companies service philosophy is through practice and extracted the essence. Only as customers for God, customers will turn to the mall as their home, with the feeling of home, the two sides will be in the "win-win" in their benefit.
4)Retail is management
Management is the eternal theme, trying to enterprise well done live, so that enterprises can develop by leaps and bounds, we must do everything possible to improve business efficiency. Retail management is to create a more characteristic pattern, improve the scientific management level, in order to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
5)Retail is activity
Retail activity is a source of constantly maintaining vitality. Whether it is cultural or business public relations promotional activities, all foreign enterprises display their image, promote enterprise-effective upgrade Fuji magic. "Engage in activities is to die, is to engage in activities of premature death" This is a mall CEOs of heart and soul, and now the mall competition from traditional competition of goods and services, transition to modern marketing competition, not only to the mall Lianhaoneigong more It is important to learn to "fight" activity is competitive carriers, enterprises in the open market to face the pass.
6)Retail is discipline
A strong discipline to ensure that the retail team invincible. In a sense, that is discipline rules, regulations, rule of law, "no rules no standards." Retail team is like fighting team, the market that is the battlefield, only strict discipline, in order to win the war. This involves a lot of team building, implementation of the system and so on.
7)Retail is motivate
The only constant motivation, the team can maintain a strong desire to win. Including indicators incentive incentive incentive to achieve personal values, there are incentives, only passion, will be holding an inexhaustible driving force for sustainable business forward.
8) Retail is a manifestation
Retail is the embodiment of formats, reflecting the scientific and technological capabilities. Reflect the full range of retail, a degree of regional economic development in the most evident on retail real SHOPPING MALL concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, these mega-cities, the rich, the commodity boom of the forms reflect the multi-regional economic level, logistics and transportation, and many other aspects of strength.
9)Retail is efficiency
Retail is to maintain high efficiency, high flow. Turnover of goods, is one of the important indicators of the retail system, which reflects the efficiency of the retail industry, if you can not solve this problem, companies will be caught in the backlog of inventory, poor cash flow and many other issues. Out of the market in the elimination of inefficient retailers, retail companies are inefficient selection of suppliers. "Bottom out" is not only used in human resource management, and increasingly valued by businesses, which applied on the brand and dealer management. On efficiency, not simply the pursuit of speed and quantity, but also to focus on quality and quality.
10)Retail is system
Retail is associated with a plurality of mutually independent unified system gathered together. How does the system of coordination between the organization directly affects their whole front row, each unit within the system but also to maximize the function, how to maintain optimal system configuration and the optimal combination of the various parts of the interior of the retail sector to focus .
11)Retail is detail
Retail is the nuances pinpointing. Details determine success or failure, it is particularly important for the retail industry. The gap between domestic retail industry and the world retail giant in this reflected more obvious, from receipt to customer service, operations, procurement, every step steadily interlocking, always speak with numbers.
12)Retail is temptation
Retail is to lure consumers to make a profit at the same time continue to resist the temptation. Temptation retail reflected in two aspects, one is on display through stores, the overall layout, the quality of goods to attract customers desire to buy, and then buy the products; the other is how to resist foreign retail employees motivated, so as not to their own body to corrosion.
13)Retail is drive of singel product
Retail is to rely on a single product to win profits. With the intensified competition in the market category of goods more numerous, single-product management in the daily management has become one of the most important means of business.
14)Retail is display
Retail is by the fullness of the display to win customers' attention. " Terminal sales in modern marketing has become increasingly important, in addition to on-site promotions, such as discounts, up, gift, live demonstrations, and display merchandise display and POP advertising is also increasingly important. Strengthen the brand in the expose of the terminal, in order to increase sales.
15)Retail is customer satisfaction
Retail rely on customer satisfaction to win goodwill. How customer satisfaction will affect the goodwill and intangible assets of the enterprise, the management of the quality of goods and services should be referred to the important agenda in the past, but also to customer satisfaction rate to control more than 99%. Customer word of mouth is huge, and will affect the enterprise consumer segments.
16)Retail solve the problem
Retail continues to rely on to solve the problem to simplify, split up. Problem not afraid, afraid of is find the problem is not resolved, that will only complicate matters. Retail issues more reflected in the commodity, service, price and channel four areas, and make the problem resolved smoothly, not only with professional, high professionalism of managers, but also to make problem-solving channels. As business leaders, though without hands, but we have to do from time to time to understand the different voices, thereby leading to government decrees.
17)Retail is cost reduction
Retail is by continually reduce costs to earn higher margins. In the retail profit more low, not only to increase sales, but also to reduce costs.
18)Retail is loss control
Retail is by controlling the loss to earn greater profits. Retail loss is inevitable question, depending on the general loss situation of enterprises have a bottom line, if you go beyond the bottom line, we must look for from their own problems and timely solutions.
19)Retail is variety
Retail is to rely on a wealth of variety to attract consumers, to achieve the purpose of profit. Modern consumer demand increasingly diversified and personalized, rich varieties only to attract more consumers to patronize, in order to meet the needs of customers one-stop shopping. But the variety does not mean "large", but to be in the category of the width and depth of the upper and lower air force, in the "spirit" to do on the basis of "all" do "big."
20)Retail is fine goods with right people
Retail is to rely on the popularity and prosperity of goods and the smooth flow of financial resources to unite. Only thriving, the smooth flow of goods in order to gather broad financial resources, not popular shopping malls is also not far from closed, but not easy to do both. In addition to enhance the popularity of the mall itself has the charm of the accumulation of popularity, its marketing makes use of the mall often in focus of the society among its popularity comes naturally; the smooth flow of goods you need to have considerable strength of the suppliers and clean and efficient Kone mining camp team to combat, rich goods, many categories, it will naturally attract more audience to patronize the mall will be one busy cargo smooth.
21)Retail market-oriented
Retail is by the market-oriented business policy and strategy. All around the market, market-oriented, it will not get lost, clearly recognize self. Do not underestimate any opponent, the opponent does not want to imagine too powerful. Modern marketing increasing emphasis on the role of figures and tables, the voice of the market fast, reflected in the science of marketing executives ears, so that the effect of marketing force is maximized.
22)Retail is sale of goods
Retail is the sale of goods. It literally, is the retail sales of goods in retail trade is the study of how manufacturers produce goods to be sold through a variety of means to generate economic and social benefits.
23)Retail is amount of sales
Retail is the amount of sales. The amount of sales is an important measure of retail success, only the sales go up, more suppliers will win the trust, will earn more profits for the company, talks only development, but also a lot of pressure indicators of retail people overwhelmed, the retail trade is one of the most frequent replacement of talent management industry.
24)Retail is different retail
Retail is different, unique. Personality vitality to eternity in the competition. In thousands of shops side, how to highlight its unique charm, it is one of the retail industry must do homework. The difference is reflected in the retail store style refreshing, distinctive product positioning accuracy, value and efficient service, marketing and other aspects of unconventional.
25)Retail is increase of membership
Retail is by increasing the membership to make themselves invincible. For a store, how to lock the fixed consumer groups, it is an important measure to win their share of the market competition, and membership is an important marketing tool retail trade increased attention.
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