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why we buy
Why we buy is a difficult question to answer.  But, we have to start somewhere.  Spending behavior is complex and many of us have never considered why we spend money the way we do.  Once we have some of the basic tools to evaluate our spending, we can make more informed decisions about whether to spend or whether to save.

➤  Listen to your favorite music
➤  Enjoy a long, warm bubble bath
➤  Go for a walk
➤  Relax outside
➤  Exercise
➤  Do stretching exercises
➤  Watch the sunset or sunrise
➤  Concentrate on a relaxing scene
➤  Write your thoughts and feelings in a personal journal
➤  Attend a favorite athletic event
➤  Read a special book or magazine
➤  Play a musical instrument
➤  Work with plants
➤  Learn a new skill
➤  See a special play, movie or concert
➤  Ride a bike or motorcycle
➤  Make a nutritious meal
➤  Draw or paint a picture
➤  Swim, float, wade or relax in a pool or at the beach
➤  Do aerobics or dance
➤  Visit a special place that you enjoy
➤  Take time to smell the roses, or any other flower that you enjoy
➤  Go horseback riding
➤  Enjoy a relaxing nap
➤  Visit a museum or art gallery
➤  Practice yoga
➤  Relax in a whirlpool or sauna
➤  Enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water or fruit juice
➤  Enjoy the beauty of nature
➤  Play like you did as a child
➤  Star gaze
➤  Window shop
➤  Day dream
➤  Attend a special workshop
➤  Go sailing or paddle boating
➤  Create with clay or pottery
➤  Pet an animal
➤  Watch your favorite TV show
➤  Write a poem
➤  Make a bouquet of flowers
➤  Relax and watch the clouds
➤  Visit a park, woods or forest
➤  Phone a special friend
➤  Picnic in a beautiful setting
➤  Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
➤  Play a board game
➤  Participate in a hobby
➤  Spend time playing and laughing with your child
➤  Play a video game

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